MN Investments LLC

What we do

• We focus on acquiring multi-family apartment buildings in the Puerto Rico market and providing consistently strong returns for our investors.

• By targeting value-add properties, we create significant equity by increasing cash flow and forcing appreciation through capital improvements.


Our beliefs

• Real Estate Builds Wealth better than any other investment vehicle.

• No other investment class has 4 ways to provide returns: Cash Flow, Appreciation, Amortization, Depreciation.

• The US has become a nation of renters.

• Puerto Rico is better-positioned to capitalize on population and job growth than any other state in the U.S.


Our Goal

Our goal is to help investors build long-term wealth and passive income streams through a diversified offering of value-add multifamily investments located in Puerto Rico.

Our process

Our philosophy is to preserve investor capital and provide superior returns. To achieve that, we operate a four-phased approach that begins and ends with the acquisition of strong assets that meet our stringent purchase criteria.


• We monitor our markets daily and leverage relationships in the industry to find properties that meet our stringent criteria and will provide strong returns for investors.

• Once under contract, we perform qualitative and quantitative due diligence--to increase revenue and reduce expenses.


• After closing, our operations and property management team begin executing a plan to increase the Net Operating Income and force the appreciation.

• We aim to complete all rehabilitation work within the first 6 months of ownership and put all value creation strategies to work within 3 months.

Cash Flow

• Our property management team continues to oversee day to day operations at the property while investors enjoy the benefits of owning a cash flow positive asset.

• Investors receive quarterly newsletters with information on the property and market, along with their distributions of cash flow.


• Once Repositioning is complete and the property is fully occupied and stabilized, we have the property appraised to capitalize on the newly created value.

• This creates an opportunity to return the investors’ capital back to them as the equity we’ve created is realized.





Mauricio Noguera

Álvaro González

César Candia

Legal Adviser

Luis Llach

Financial Adviser

Sebastián Noguera

Strategic Adviser

Rubén Huertas

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